Tantric Massage

If you’re looking for a kind of massage that will uplift your mood and promote a feeling of general well being, you need not look too far. We invite you to book a session of Tantric massage with us and we promise that you will find more than what you are searching for.

Tantric massage is an intimate form of massage, which is performed as per the advanced and basic principles of Tantra and meditation. It is meant more to awaken the mystic energy hidden at the bottom of the spine. With Tantra massage, we aim to harmonize your body and spirit with the universe.

Before the massage takes place, we create for you a relaxing atmosphere, with soft lighting and music that is specifically focused for Tantra massages, as a tantric massage is very popular these days.

In order to increase your body sensitivity and channel energy our masseuses apply medium light, slow and sensual strokes on the sides of the spine. Our therapists use a special kind of oil, cream or lotion, but they avoid using scented oil as much as possible, as the attention may focus on earthly things due to that. Meditation and music are important factors of the Tantra massage.

Our teams of therapists specialize in all types of sensual massages such as the Tantric massage. The many years of training and experience enable them to give perfect massages with positive results to clients. The quality of massage that they provide is evident from the number of repeat customers who keep coming to our London massage clinic for relaxation and improvement of their well-being.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantra massages are great for those who suffer from loss of libido and other issues such as not being able to hold on for a longer time during extreme pleasure. Our masseuses teach breathing exercises too, so that you are able to control the received pleasure.

Stroking and kneading of your body results in relief of aches and pains and stimulating of the immune system. Most clients also find that they can sleep much easier and deeper after receiving a good tantric massage in London.